Kyanite Accounting
Kyanite Accounting
Courtney Anderson EA Tax, Inc.
  • You Can Account on Us as Your Personal Accounting Team

    Kyanite the crystal inspires strong connections, loyalty, positive communication, and encourages self-expression.

    Kyanite Accounting knows that a good business starts with good relationships. We pride ourselves on developing close professionals relationships with our clients. We genuinely care about nurturing your accounting processes and not just being number punchers behind a screen.
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  • We Want Your Business to Excel

    Kyanite the crystal symbolizes growth, business expansion, 
    and good luck and wealth in a new profession. 

    Kyanite Accounting wants to be there for you every step of your way to success. We can alleviate the growing pains of starting 
    a new venture by providing you with our area of expertise to make it a little less painful. We provide you with support and accounting training to compliment your areas of expertise in your industry to 
    help you thrive on your new journey. 
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  • Be Audit You Can Be

    Kyanite the crystal is a catalyst for change representing new 
    beginnings and it used to manifest a career change
     or a new path in life. 

    Kyanite Accounting believes in you and knows you have what it takes to achieve your goals, but everyone needs a little assistance sometimes. We are your personal outsourced accounting team who you can rely on to carry the weight of handling all of your accounting needs. 
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Zoho Books Clean Up, Training and Consulting

Your time is money. Don't waste hours trying to make sense out of your financials and figuring out how to correct previous accounting errors. 

WE LOVE CLEANING UP YOUR MESSY BOOKS! We will tighten up the past, teach you how to proceed in the future, and will be there all along the way for those inevitable questions and month-end close.

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Outsourced Fractional Accounting Department

Business owners wear many hats, but they can't always wear them all. Our team of bookkeepers can provide ongoing accounting support at a far less cost than hiring a full-time employee. We will keep your books in tight shape, provide financials statements each month, and help estimate your tax liability each quarter.

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Individual and Business Tax Return Preparation

Know one knows your finances better than the accountants who are by your side continuously, not just on April 15th. We provide year round tax planning advice in additional to our annual business tax return preparation and filing services for Sole Proprietors, LLCs, Partnerships, and S Corporations. And we can help individuals, too!

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About Us

Kyanite Accounting is a full-service Accounting Firm located in Saint Petersburg, FL specializing in training entrepreneurs and young small businesses what they need to know to run the financial side of their business efficiently and properly, as well as provide ongoing bookkeeping and tax services for those that outgrow performing these tasks themselves.

Kyanite Accounting specializes in working with Entrepreneurs and young Small Businesses that are making major changes in their professional life's path and are entering, or have recently entered, the exciting world of self-employment. This big move can be scary and comes with a lot of unknowns. Many ask, "Where do I even start?

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Who We Serve?

Creative Geniuses
Skilled Professionals
Marketing Specialists
Health and Wellness Miracle Workers
Creative Geniuses
Skilled Professionals
General Contractors
Marketing Specialists
Marketing Firms
Social Media Managers
Real Estate Agents
Online Retailers
Life Insurance Agents
Rental Real Estate Professionals
Health and Wellness Miracle Workers
Personal Trainers
Yoga Instructors
Spiritual Healers

Kyanite Accounting

Your Accounting Solution Providers

" Everything is figureoutable."

♥ Courtney Anderson, EA, CMA, 

President of Kyanite Accounting

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